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About the Message Publishing System

The Message Publishing System is developed by the Computer and Communications Center to provide a uniform email-publishing channel for all faculty and staff.

All messages typed for publish on the platform after 12:30 of the previous day will be consolidated into a single email and sent at 12:30 each day to all faculty, staff, and students.

Since multiple messages can be included in each email, the number of emails can be effectively reduced. We encourage all units to make use of the system!

Brief introduction on how to use the system: (For detailed instructions, see File Download>Message Publishing System User Manual)

  1. Please create a link for the message to be publish.
  2. All supervisors of Level 1 units in the school are authorized to publish messages (and can also authorize designated coworkers with the same access). After approval from the supervisor, please type in the message link on the message broadcasting system platform. Indicate the recipient for the message as “faculty”, “staff”, “students”, or all faculty, staff, and students.
  3. Messages typed to be sent will be sent to the designated recipients at 12:30 on the day itself or on the following day.
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